Audio instructions on how to make a painting
People on streets creating the painting based on given instructions © 2005

To be able to breakthrough the hermetics of a creative process and relation of values in the way the artwork is realized, it is necessary to consciously change the tradition, leading to a conscious experiment, which, through scientific precision of dosage and calibration of effect, dictates the possibility of formatting new artwork. The experiment is formed reversibly in relation to the questions that arise concerning the process of realization of traditional artwork. Questions » Is the immediate transfer of art onto the surroundings and society possible ? Can the artwork be independent from the artist? How to define the critical distance between artist and artwork within the realization process ? How to change the sequence of events of realization of artwork ? « lead to the reevaluation of already familiar and consolidated process. Demanding its dismantlement and new synthesis with different approach.


Modux Datascape

© 2005

Modux is a project of sampling ideas, matter and sorroundings using scientific sistems to form autonomous modular cells – moduls and reinterpretated visual composition with the acquired moduls or modular composition.In this experiment BridA gather the informations that belong to a moment or space and can be stored in a permanent form. These can be in the form of a sketch, fotograph, sound, temperature, air pressure or infact a combination of given data we perceive. They codify the gathered information or samples into a senseful cell, to which the neccessary catalyst for further elaboration and enable cell linking is added. Elaborated cell becomes a modul ready for use. The sense of trasforming of gathered information into codified notes or moduls is the research of new idiomatic expressions. The sources, that would generaly be used to form an artwork,are mathematicaly converted into scetches which are not dependant of our temporary perception and instead are a standardized copy of a chosen source.

modux 1.0 | modux 3.0 | modux 3.4 | modux 3.5

Modux 1.0

Multi media installation © 2006

In the stage of the project Modux 1.0, BridA made a step forward as regards the conceptual development of the project: modern digital photography was deconstructed to its basic form -- a square, which again became only a shape, to which content is added. The group again collected data on a chosen location, this time it was statistical data on the city population. The observers were again involved into the project: random by-passers on the street had to choose from available data, read it and select coloured squares of different dimensions according to their own interpretation. The shots were subsequently mounted into a dynamic composition that looked like a digital record - coloured squares caught into a net. The installation was accompanied by sound recordings of the read statistical data.

modux datascape | modux 3.0 | modux 3.4 | modux 3.5

Modux 1.2012

Multi media installation © 2012

Modux 3.0

Interactive installation, ZKM Karlsruhe and Museum of Modern art Ljubljana © 2006/2007

With the Modux 3.0 project Brida created a sort of in-between or half-product which only serves to manipulate information, as opposed to a product which delivers information. In order to avoid Their subjective interference, they have used mathematical systems to manipulate data and information. The product therefore evolves without the direct control of the artist, enabling the observer to arrive at a personal interpretation. They have managed to make their project some kind of living system that develops on its own.

modux 1.0 | modux datascape  | modux 3.4 | modux 3.5

Modux 3.4

Interactive installation, Kassel Kunsttempel and Lentos Museum Ars electronica linz. © 2008 / 2009

The Modux 3.4 project might be defined as a dynamic formula in which the relation among unknowns is determined by the pattern of dynamic schemes of various complex movement systems of organisms and relational elements – the characteristic movement dynamics brings forth comparable forms and shapes. Thus we might compare the movement pattern of microorganisms (paramecia or bacteria) and that of people in certain urban environment. The project is not only a cybernetic experiment but also addresses the question of hermetical artistic interpretation detached from the perception of the observer. This project is an attempt at integrating the observer into the very core of the composition making him an upgrade and an essential component of a work of art.

modux 1.0 | modux datascape | modux 3.0 | modux 3.5

Modux 3.5

Interactive installation, Kassel Kunsttempel and Lentos Museum Ars electronica linz. © 2008 / 2009

modux 1.0 | modux datascape | modux 3.0 | modux 3.4

Information accelerator

Interactive installation. © 2007/2008/2009

Information Accelerator; it unites and combines the processes of transmitting and receiving information, of directing and channeling it in an extensive system of tubes or pipes. This module spans the entire gallery as some kind of conduit, making the flow and processing of all kinds of information possible. In BridA's words “such a structure can be compared to a traditional drawing resembling a network of wires and channels. In such case, the drawing would be understood as a topographical grid for combining information in diverse ways, multiplying it, dividing it, adding it up and subtracting it, drawing the path to the final message in some sort of system of coordinates.” Information Accelerator is a system of pipes, a duct, or an installation consisting of all the necessary equipment for such a device to work. It contains elements for observing the exterior world and for contacts with it (e.g. control monitors, interactive switches, sound units, microcontrollers for monitoring and guiding various operations).

printed circuit boards

Printed circuit boards

Lightboxes with circuit boards. © 2008 / 2009

Topographic structure of a drawing enables some kind of orientate entrance into a painting work. In its geometrical structure it is possible to unveil different applications of various possibilities of information directing. Following the conducts we can explore different artistic elements that are conceptually or objectively related to the transfer and manipulation of various information contents.. Whereas the physical property of the copper lines permits the information flow. A rather complex system of circuit boards are canalizing the energy transfer and with it the actually possibility of information transfer. Symbols and content are at the same time channels in which the information travels, data, commands, electric power..Shortly, all conditions for physical transfer of information are enabled.

Information accelerator



Multimedia instalation with software, video, photo and tracking system device © 2008/2010

Trackeds is the research of different dynamics of movement and topographical structures in the town. The framework is composed by the records of different locations and points of hyper-dynamic situations. The result is an explaining of a nonlinear equation that represents a chaotic movement of modules and self-organizing structures in certain situations. Artists are analyzing the process of how to construct a visual work, in particular bidimensional space with different layers.. Instead of a personal or subjective interpretation of a certain phase in their process, they prefer to automate some activities with different commands and mathematical equations. For this project BridA wrote a special software application to trace people and objects in the streets. The visual composition is a still image combined with the software graphic application representing traced object and subjects, all graphic applications and images are controlled by the software running on open-source operating system.

trackeds  parliament

Trackeds Parliament

Multimedia installation. © 2010

The project is based on the creation of autonomous systems or environments which make it possible to automatically produce visual content. In conceptual terms it is essential that the project preserves a dynamic structure which allows the communication of information in real time from off-site venues and triggers a dynamic change in content. The system itself is not dependent on visual meaning alone, it is put into a conceptual dialogue with the precise selection of location – in this case the Slovenian parliament with all of its social and symbolic significance. The selected surveillance systems and procedures (change in temperature, micro movements, sound analysis, quantification, etc.) are collected in folders which map changes that are usually imperceptible but are significant. Trackeds 2.0 is a project which turns the logic of panopticon on its head and puts it to public use with selected analytical procedures and artistic processes.



Nano Plotter

Multimedia installation, plotter, corn flower, computer and metal construction. © 2010

In this project, an obsolete machine normally used for technical drawings, has been adapted for an unusual purpose. The device is programmed and adapted to draw on cornflower, the table is equipped by vibrating system that cancel the drawing when is finished. The robotic hand of the plotter and the noise it makes while working create a strange atmosphere. At the same time the plotter becomes a performer, telling a story and giving it its own peculiar rhythm. In this fictional world, two characters talk about nano particles as their living space. They dont understand the situation; apparently they have been created by chance and for a very short time. The performance created by the device can be also perceived like a video project, it has all the properties such as precise time line, the content and the sound. Through an unusual narrative, Nanoplot is an attempt to explore a still unknown space-time dimension: the nano world. A world made of particles that can be manipulated only using special microscopes (such as the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope STM, or the Atomic Force Microscope AFM) with a needle as big as a carbon molecule and able to move nano particles.

Les Mouches

Multimedia installation, Monitor with real ham inside and video. © 2009

When Zeuxis unveiled his painting of grapes, they appeared so luscious and inviting that birds flew down from the sky to peck at them.” BridA proves that the Greek mythos is alive - even in the digital realm.
Text: Hans Diebner



Multimedia installation. © 2011

Giustizia Remota

video , time: 10:00, © 2012

Lunch Break

video , time: 19:53, © 2008

Is the research of time and space in multiple layers of sound, image and apparently boring everyday situations. Layers that are usually completely mixed in videos can be red in this case individually. A new story is being built. Authors of the video are same time main characters of the video and doing so we have put ourselves in the same unstable and chaotic situation.

Viktor | Ca' nun ce sta' nisciuno


video , time: 02:33, © 2007

Video Viktor is yet another gathering of contrasts that are very typical for this land on Baltic coast. In the background there is a heavy industry, oil terminals, etc.. in the front there is a wish for creativity and freedom , both merged with a memories of younger history that people remember with mixed emotions. Karosta, a former soviet, secret military town, a place that we visited as resident artists in July 2007 is full of creative energy.

Lunch Break | Ca' nun ce sta' nisciuno

Ca' nun ce sta' nisciuno

video , time: 03:05, © 2009

The video is a result of a collaboration wit Oppy De Bernardo. The story was conceived thru the dialogue and confrontation in the time of Oppy`s staying at our residency program in Šempas. The main idea was to discuss about migration situations that concern his family history and also the intense migration of Slovenians and other Slavic people in Switzerland, mainly for work and also for political reasons. The simplicity of the rural life and the strong connection of people in Šempas to the agriculture was also the main inspiration for Oppy, he told us that he always had a intense desire to drive a tractor.

Lunch Break | Viktor 










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